Seal island cruise

2.5 hour trips up to 12 people

A truly scenic route embarking from Mossel Bay harbour, to the Point, then around Seal island with a 30 min anchor period at Santos Beach.


R250 pp

R150 kids under 12


2 hours, up to 12 people

There is no better way to enjoy nature than with a sunset cruise. Bring your own XYZ or enquire with your booking.


R300 pp


Available as an add-on with most items

See who the real Mossel Bay locals are, by snorkeling against the harbour wall. There are many colourfull and insteresting fish.


+ R50 pp

Night in Struis Baai

Up to 8 people Minimum 6 people

Travel and spend the night in the beautiful Struis Baai waters.


R3550 pp

Oil rig cruise

3 hours, up to 12 people Minimum 6 people

Embarks from Mossel Bay harbour and cruise around the oil rig situated in the bay.


R500 pp

Day trips

Up to 12 people

Day trips can be organized to various locations (like Still Bay and Knysna) around Mossel Bay. Contact us for more information.


R2800 pp

Stay the night 

Up to 8 people Minimum 6 people

Spend the night anchored in front of Santos beach. Note that we have many services to add, click here to see more.


R750 pp

Custom package

Tell us what you would like.

Don't see what you want? Call us and ask for a custom package and quote. Looking for alternate accommodation? Why not book your stay onboard, either at the walk-on mooring or at safe anchor at Santos Beach.



St. Blaize Trail cruise

2.5 Hours, up to 12 people Minimum 6 people

View the breathtaking caves below the St. Blaize trail, ( not seen from land ) whilst experiencing the beautiful and amazing  coastline South of Mossel Bay towards Dana Bay. **Sea conditions permitting**


R300 pp


4.5 Hours, up to 12 people

We offer luxury fishing trips for a fun fishing experience in and around Mossel Bay waters. Bring your own equipment and snacks. We are not a fishing charter so our equipment is limited. 


R750 pp

Night in Gordons Bay

Up to 8 people Minimum 6 people

Travel and spend the night in the beautiful Gordans Bay waters.


R3550 pp

Guest house

All information on website

Don't feel like spending a night at sea? We have a beautiful guest house situated in Mossel Bay available for accomodation.


R1200 pp

* Note that all bookings may vary on availability and weather *

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